Weighted Compression Vest As A Donation For Kids With ADHD

For many weighted compression, vests have become a highlighted subject within our current understanding of ADHD. While there are many views as to what should be or should not be done when it comes to compression vests, we want to look at the positive aspects and positive outcomes for children who suffer from ADHD.

What exactly are weighted compressed vests and what can they do for our children? Weighted compression vests help apply pressure to the child who needs (if they are currently diagnosed with ADHD), the slight pressure helps to produce enough endorphins to help the child rel.. These compression vests have been tested with children who suffer from high forms of anxiety, Autism, ADD, and even Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Why should you help donate a weighted compression vest for kids with ADHD? Not only are you helping out a family who are currently trying to help their own children; but you’re helping a child find a way to deal with ADHD in a non-violent destructive way. This practical donation for families is a great helpful advantage for any kids involved.

The proper term for what a weighted compression vest promotes is called DTP or deep touch pressure. This has the exact same response a weighted blanket has on a to This has the exact same response a weighted blanket has on a grown adult who suffers from high anxiety.

Where can an individual or company donate? Elementary schools, by offering a donation of weighted compression vests to elementary schools, the administration can find the correct recipient who would benefit from this donation.

More benefits when it comes to weighted compression vests: if your child has a focusing/attention problem (usually associated with ADD/ADHD) a weighted vest offers an increase to focusing on the tasks at hand. If your children suffer from self-sensory overload or sensitivity, a weighted compression vest can add a sense of self-awareness, and protective calmness. Even combating and decreasing potential meltdowns, if your child suffers from them from time to time These meltdowns may be the cause of sudden displacement or adaptability issues.

Does your child or children have a hard time sleeping? Wearing a compression vest throughout the day can aid in better sleeping patterns. The recommended amount of time to wear a weighted compression vest is as little as fifteen minutes a day. Knowing what and how a compression vest can aid in the comfort of your child is crucial.

Even more crucial is the donation or donating of a weighted compression vest to an Elementary classroom, or specific child/children that would highly benefit.

Why would a child need to wear such a vest? Some children have a higher response to stimuli than others. This can result in restless energy and can’t sit still enough to concentrate Which can lead a child to feel frustrated and inferior around others? No one wants their child or children feeling this way. This is way weighted compression vests are essential and a practical tool available in the world today.

Help procure a positive action by donating the proper funds or an actual weighted compression vest to a child in need. It’s hard to put ourselves in the shoes of some, but it’s not hard to help another individual out when it’s needed. Sadly, ADHD is occasionally overlooked, however, more children today battle with an overstimulated response now than ever before.